Mansueto is a company born in 1980, when Sanremo and its port were not so well renowned as they are today. Everything begins with a little grocer’s shop placed in a secondary street of the town. Domenico, Rosy’s father, had opened it for her daughter, and more than a gift it would become an important job opportunity. Two years later, Luigi, Rosy’s husband, chose to join in this project; he did not leave his primary occupation though: he was fisherman in the area of Porto Vecchio. In 1980 he decided to take on the company, named at that time Alimentari MANSUETO Snc. From that moment the Company would have a family management and this still is its characteristic and its strength point. In its relationship with the clients even those more sceptical or new ones, respects and interpersonal bounds are of vital importance together with a high standard of professionalism which has brought it to stand out in its field of competence. The first vehicle used for the deliveries was an old three-wheeled motorcar, blue and yellow, bought second hand: the family will never forget how important had been this initial investment considering how hard had been that period . The chain of clients started with this motorcar and the simplest necessities of the people in the tourist Port of Sanremo. During summer before closing time Luigi and Rosy filled the refrigerating room they had for fruit and vegetables with soft drinks. The following morning the motorcar left heavy with drink cans ready to satisfy thirsty people who worked and lived in their boats and yachts at Porto Sole.

Business was growing and inadequacy of the premises was a problem again. Gradually acquaintances multiplied and those who at first only bought cold drinks started to ask for more substantial provisions: they were only mini-market supplies but nevertheless more remunerative. Soon Luigi had to buy another motorcar, this time orange colour, to which he applied a large sign, white and red, with the name, telephone and address of the business: it was their first publicity.In the following years these overused means had to be left aside for a van , still second hand, that wore out soon. It was a Fiat 238 and it was the year 1990: the van was then bought in order to make the deliveries for a client who has left a mark in the family history: Captain Morrison David of the Jefferson Beach .After not too long, the small shop was no longer sufficient to store all the goods on delivery and a depot had to be rented. In 1993 thanks to the constantly increasing business the family bought its first new van, a Fiat Talento.It was one of those apparently simple steps though actually fundamental for a growing enterprise: after a difficult beginning the family started to see convincing results and add a touch of justified ambition.Between 1994 and 1995 Alimentari Mansueto SnC was obliged to abandon its clientele of restaurants and hotels, which throughout those years it had refurnished, in order to take care of the nautical sector, that just in those years was expanding. On the wake of this favourable situation some investments were made. The competence of the enterprise was expanding too.

Luigi and Rosy bought a refrigerating van in 1995, a Mercedes 711-d and in 1998 a large depot of m2 300 . In the same year changes were made in the name and style of the business which became Mansueto srl. Work was simplified with the new facilities and deliveries were extended to France, Spain, centre and South of Italy (Rome, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia). Boats and yachts renowned at an international level multiplied their requests for provisions. More means of transport were needed, to be able to deliver goods in a fast way as well as to keep food fresh. Between 1997 and 2005 the means of transport increased to the number of seven, all equipped with refrigerating containers: four vans and three lorries, in order to keep up with the severe regulations for the transportation of goods such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, drinks and wine. Besides Luigi and his eldest son Giacomo gave birth to an agency to support and satisfy other primary necessities of their clients. The quality of their furnishing, their celerity and professionalism brought captains, motorists and crews to ask for other types of services. Trust and quality of this clientele got the Mansueto Marine Srl to start in 2001. This new agency , Mansueto Marine Srl, and the former business Mansueto Srl are the two essential parts of what is now called the Mansueto Group, a group able to cover a large range of services and supplies mostly in the nautical sector with method and professionalism.

In 2003 the Mansueto Group decided to get a large depot under the one they already owned. Now the company has a ground with offices, refrigerating and freezing rooms, wine cellar, and three laboratories equipped for the processing of meat, fish and cheese, and a lower floor where there is a large parking area, a further executive office, a room to stock food and drinks, a large space divided into boxes where customers can store their equipments, and another large cellar to welcome customers to the choice and tasting of wine, with more than 50.000 bottles on sale.This last investment has allowed the company to achieve an important goal. It has eventually accomplished a difficult journey, through the patience, perseverance and hard work of those who manage it, who have succeeded in finding a solution to all situations even the most difficult ones.Thank to experience ripened throughout the years, and to the newly enlarged premises which have made it possible to improve their services, thank to their will to keep their deep values of responsibility and transparency , today the company has reached great reliability and competence . The history of the company still goes on because you make it possible every day...

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