Mauro Castino

Mansueto Group dispose of a talented team of glaziers which are responsible for selecting, cutting, installing, replacing, and removing all types of glass on your super-yacht. This team is composed by Mauro and his qualified technicians (Luca, Antonio and Luciano). They generally work on one of several types of projects.

Mauro is specialized in work such as replacing glass in your ship’s windows, installing glass mirrors, shower doors and bathtub enclosures, fitting glass for tabletops and display cases both in guest and crew areas, with the most appropriate qualities of glass. On mega-yachts interior/exterior projects, our glaziers install items such as heavy, often etched, decorative room dividers or security windows.

Our glazing projects also have involved replacement of gymnasium windows (see the 3-days job we did on M/y Galaxy by selecting our Showcase Works Area). In the construction of large pleasure ships, Mansueto’s glaziers used to build metal framework extrusions and install safety stratified glass windows or tempered glass deck doors or shower doors. Besides working with glass, Mansueto’s glaziers also work with plastics, granite, marble, and other similar materials used as glass substitutes and with films or laminates that improve the durability or safety of the glass.

They may mount steel and aluminium sashes or frames and attach any kind of stainless steel locks and hinges to glass doors. For most of our jobs, the glass is pre-cut and mounted in frames in the factory placed in the North of Italy or a contractor’s shop. After that the glass arrives at the jobsite ready for our glaziers to position and secure it in place. We normally use a crane or hoist with suction cups to lift large, heavy pieces of glass. We then gently guide the glass into position by hand. Once glaziers have the glass in place, we secure it with mastic, putty, or other specific purposes paste, or with bolts, rubber gaskets, glazing compound, metal clips, or metal or wood moldings. When we secure glass using a rubber gasket—a thick, molded rubber half-tube with a split running its length—they first secure the gasket around the perimeter within the opening, then set the glass into the split side of the gasket, causing it to clamp to the edges and hold the glass firmly in place.

When we use metal clips and wood moldings, glaziers first secure the molding to the opening, place the glass in the molding, and then force spring like metal clips between the glass and the molding. The clips exert pressure and keep the glass firmly in place. When a glazing compound is used, glaziers first spread it neatly against and around the edges of the molding on the inside of the opening. Next, we install the glass. Pressing it against the compound on the inside molding, workers screw or nail outside molding that loosely holds the glass in place.

To hold it firmly, we pack the space between the molding and the glass with glazing compound and then trim any excess material with a glazing knife. For some jobs we must cut the glass manually at the glazier’s jobsite. To prepare the glass for cutting, our glaziers rest it either on edge on a rack, or "A-frame," or flat against a cutting table.

They then measure and mark the glass for the cut. For any other custom request Mansueto’s glaziers will be always available to satisfy your exigencies and make your necessities become glass. We are able to make a quotation for any kind of job within the same day you place your request. Mansueto’s glaziers are also very well experienced and equipped with the best tools and facilities to provide for a 24-H service on your boat (especially on charters) to repair or replace any damaged glass.

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