Tender, Jetsky and Outboards

Owners, guests, visitors and crew sometimes like to go off the yacht for a run on its tenders or jetskis, to pick up guests in the departure port or just to have fun during charter. Well, nightmares become reality when you turn on the engine and an annoying noise comes out of the engine compartment. Something is not working properly and you cannot run the craft. Before the season is always good to service your “toys” engines and outboards to check for possible damages and/or failures. By the way most of “problems” are experienced during the running and the only help will come from the authorised technician who will come onboard and complete the service/repair. Available services at Mansueto’s are: - outboards/engines service - computer testing (with manufacturer diagnostic software) - running sea trials - repairs - spare parts for service - annual services - hydraulics repairs - battery test/replacement - engine compartments insulation (fire/sound proof) - jets service we are authorised Yamaha and Castoldi service station, Seadoo and Kawasaki are serviced as well.

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