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We are specialized in providing and servicing Sea Tel product range, a leading technology in VSAT satellite communications and TV for yachts of all sizes. Sea Tel specializes in Marine Stabilized Antenna Systems for Satellite Communications (two-way communications), Satellite Television-at-Sea (DBS/DTH, TV-at-Sea), Broadband-at-Sea, Voice and Data Services.

We will help you in:
finding the best product model
purchasing at best deal rates
onboard installing and testing
satellite search and connection
electrical settings
spare parts supply
after sales service and 24h/7d assistance

Our service includes all Sea Tel models for satellite communication as:
USAT24/2406/4006 Antenna, 6006 RZA C/Ku, 9707/9797 Antenna, TSC-10A Touch Screen Controller (The TSC-10A allows the user to change satellites, perform pedestal diagnostics and troubleshoot common problems). And for TV-at-sea Antenna models: Coastal 14/18/20EL/24/30 Antenna, Model 3004/4004/5004/6004/8897/9497/14400 Antenna, and the NEW Model DTV04 HD Antenna. Our technicians will always ensure your Sea Tel models working with more stable signal levels, fewer acquisition losses, and lower bit-error rates


TrackVision is an easy to use Windows application that produces high quality video overlaid with your data. TrackVision supports a wide range of video formats in full HD straight or standard resolution straight from your camera.
Its objective is that you should be able to use your video in TrackVision without any conversion or pre-processing.
TrackVision V2.1 handles video in all these formats:
H.264 - including Aiptek 720p at 60fps
AVCHD - including Sony, Panasonic, and others
XVid - including POV-1 format
MJPEG - including GoPro format
Windows Media Video
DV - digital video, typically from tape-based camcorders
TrackVision accepts these formats in both standard and HD format, and in any frame size or aspect ratio.
We can offer:
Complete assistance from purchase to after sales
onboard installing and testing
software support
bug fixing


Our administration dept and our skilled technicians are always delivering service and assistance all over the Mediterranean 24h/7d to help you in:

installing Sky decoders
onboard installing satellite dishes
cables and connections service and supply
testing and assistance
wireless relays for television net connection
multivision system
programming/recording guidelines


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