When thinking about luxury yachts people imagine shining rails, strong superstructures and polished stainless steel parts like bollards, chains, hooks, fairleads. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as most of your boat is made of metal, starting from anchor and propellers to flanges and valves, to even engines, generators and pipes. Modify, reshape, cut, polish stainless steel parts maybe an hard work for you on your busiest days and it could needs special machines (to cut, weld or to unsold), we can provide custom services and skilled professionals who not only will do the material metal works but also can suggest you possible alternatives by planning and designing new structures to fix failures or to match your more tricky plans. Our technicians can provide you with a 360° service, from onboard inspection, sample collecting, work planning and work completion in the shortest time. Going through the shipyard often means longer time frames, less personalization, higher costs and low customer care after sales, we instead can ensure you a dedicate service with reasonable costs and maximum commitment to excellent results.



  • Works Planning

  • Making of custom Pipes, Valves, Flanges

  • Bollards and Fairleads

  • Raw material Cutting/Shaping/Welding

  • Life Rafts customized low-profile stainless steel cradles (planning and modifying)

  • Sea Cock Valves control system

  • Custom polished Rails

  • Custom supports for Pumps, Water Makers, A/C Units

  • Stainless steel Furniture

  • Tenders/Jetskis tensioner systems (for bridges)

  • Tender/jetskis cradles and Davits

  • Tender/Jetskis rails/tracking system (for garages)

  • Props and shafts repairing

We can also help you in matching Registry safety requirements by planning, supplying and installation of:

  • Manual/automatic fire dampers

  • A/C ducting covers/panels

  • Fire-extinguishers wall mountings

  • Custom Hatches for portholes

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