Valrhona Chocolate

Chocolate coating both in blocks and in tablets used in workroom: 35% cocoa white coating, 70% Guanaja plain chocolate, 66.5% Caraibi plain chocolate, 85% Abinao plain chocolate, 100% extra cocoa mass, 40,5% Milk chocolate, salted spiced Xocopili chocolate, Sweet spiced Xocomeli chocolate, 65% Xocoline plain chocolate without sugar, orange-, strawberry-, vanilla- and lemon-flavoured chocolate.

Valrhona Products:

Plain chocolate mousse and souffé, plain chocolate sauce, crispy almond and hazelnut pralines, cocoa powder, Venezuelan roasted mixture of chocolate chips, Cocoa butter, liquid butter, 75% almond paste, tender chocolate Napaje, “Surrogato” plain chocolate cocoa paste, neutral icing, coffee chocolate beans, plain chocolate small glasses and small shovels, white chocolate small glasses.
Preparation: semifreddo mousse (sort of Italian soft ice-cream) and ice-cream, panna cotta, English cream, Valhrona chocolate and vanilla crème brulée, egg flip, fruits “au gratin”.
Pastry ingredients and dried fruits: Bourbon Vanilla seeds, vanilla extract, concentrated coffee extract, liquid and powder liquorice extract, 100% black cassis extract, Canadian maple sugar, Bronte’s peeled pistachio seeds, flour and crushed biscuits and nuts (granella), Isomalto, Neutral and yellow pectin, stabilizing agents for sorberts and ice-creams.

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