Goose: breast, leg, extra quality fois gras; Duck: hen and cock, Canette Barberie, fresh duck breast, legs and extra quality fois gras. Poultry: chicken breast, boneless cockerel/young cock, cockerel breast with wing, farmyard hen, Bresse DOP chicken, boneless turkey, boneless pigeons, hand plucked, breast, breast with skin, legs; all-size quail and guinea-fowl fresh eggs. Beef: fillet, Rib Eye, 7-rib loin, max 12-month y.o. beef, max 24-month y.o. beef loin, 5-rib chops, sirloin. Veal: 7-rib chop , French rack, whole fillet, loin with fillet,  ossobuco.
Pork: whole suckling pig, whole boneless pig, pig saddle, pork leg and chops, pork shanks , fillet. Canadian bison/buffalo: fillet, sirloin, Rib Eye, 5-rib chop, best end, rump steak. New Zealand Lamb: whole lamb, 10-rib saddle plus loin, leg, sirloin, french racks, lamb shanks Waygyu Beef – Kobe: fillet, sirloin, rump.

Ready to use

Chicken  and veal demi-glace. Duck leg in confit, boneless and stuffed quail, boneless and stuffed guinea-fowl legs. Meat bowls: pistachio guinea-fowl, pigeon with mushrooms, rabbit with plums.

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