Our customers’ assistance

Mansueto Service is the division dedicated to the customers’ assistance famous for its organization and efficiency that represents a real support our clients can always count on for any kind of need at all events. As we offer a wide range of services, complete under every single point of view, crew members can rely on our professional and trained staff for a 360-degree assistance who works out any type of situation from language translation support to bureaucratic matters. Mansueto Service branch deals with all request not mainly involving material supply of goods, when a professional assistance is required to comply with flag or class requirements we are appointed to work side by side with captains and crews to achieve the best performance. LSA service is our strength with our service station approved by main classes worldwide, the support start from equipment check onboard, through the actual service including collecting and returning to yacht, to the certificates issuing for each group. An archive of all previous service is kept in our records to provide classes and surveyor the best assistance, as well is a good way to have an online storage for all your certificates. Our office is always available when it comes to reservation, from hotel to cars, from flower arrangement to arrival/departure papers, no matter what you need, we have the right person to support you. Being English/French/Spanish/German/Italian speaking our crew is appointed as well when third party is involved or a translator is necessary to complete a simple doctor’s visit to the most tricky notary action/declaration. Fiscal assistance and customs declaration are another key point of our service range, nowadays rules are becoming very strict and not always is easy to comply with them, that’s why Mansueto is now an official Fiscal Representative to assist yachts during charters and deal with all Italian directives regarding VAT issues and invoicing. Of course our service department can follow the clients all around the Med and eventually worldwide for a full service coverage, only one referral to speed up all request.

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