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Wild Seafood Mosaic

Smoked fillet salmon Balik “classic”, “small classic” and “Zar Nicolaj” Scottish Smoked salmon Loch Fyne King and Queen peeled scallops (cappesante) – Scotland, Atlantic Ocean


Sea Asparagus Monkyfish tail (both fillet and not) New Zeland Sushi and Sashimi John Dory di amo Tuna Fillet, sashimi quality A degree

New Zeland Fillet

Imperial Capon Fillet (Gallinella) with or without skin Dentex fillet with or without skin


Fresh Caspian Caviar CAVIAR HOUSE & PRUNIER and KAZAKH KAVIAR (Beluga, Asetra, Sevruga)

Goose: breast, leg, extra quality fois gras; Duck: hen and cock, Canette Barberie, fresh duck breast, legs and extra quality fois gras. Poultry: chicken breast, boneless cockerel/young cock, cockerel breast with wing, farmyard hen, Bresse DOP chicken, boneless turkey, boneless pigeons, hand plucked, breast, breast with skin, legs; all-size quail and guinea-fowl fresh eggs. Beef: fillet, Rib Eye, 7-rib loin, max 12-month y.o. beef, max 24-month y.o. beef loin, 5-rib chops, sirloin. Veal: 7-rib chop , French rack, whole fillet, loin with fillet, ossobuco.
Pork: whole suckling pig, whole boneless pig, pig saddle, pork leg and chops, pork shanks , fillet. Canadian bison/buffalo: fillet, sirloin, Rib Eye, 5-rib chop, best end, rump steak. New Zealand Lamb: whole lamb, 10-rib saddle plus loin, leg, sirloin, french racks, lamb shanks Waygyu Beef – Kobe: fillet, sirloin, rump.

Ready to use

Chicken and veal demi-glace. Duck leg in confit, boneless and stuffed quail, boneless and stuffed guinea-fowl legs. Meat bowls: pistachio guinea-fowl, pigeon with mushrooms, rabbit with plums.


Italian: Fossa, Pienza Pecorino ripe in walnut’s leaves (Tuscany), ripe Sicilian Pecorino, Ricotta ripe in new-mown hay (Piedmont), Bufala and Burratina (Apulia).
Italian and International cheeses’ assortment.


Hazelnut oil, almond oil, walnut oil, white truffle oil, poppy-seed oil/poppy oil, pomegranate oil, avocado oil, extra-virgin olive oil coming from all regions. Traditional aromatic vinegar’s cruet, both 25 and 12 years old (Modena consortium). Aromatic vinegar sauces, raspberry vinegar, champagne vinegar and apple vinegar. White truffle butter, summer black truffle, sliced white truffle, fresh truffle available only in September.


Chocolate coating both in blocks and in tablets used in workroom: 35% cocoa white coating, 70% Guanaja plain chocolate, 66.5% Caraibi plain chocolate, 85% Abinao plain chocolate, 100% extra cocoa mass, 40,5% Milk chocolate, salted spiced Xocopili chocolate, Sweet spiced Xocomeli chocolate, 65% Xocoline plain chocolate without sugar, orange-, strawberry-, vanilla- and lemon-flavoured chocolate.


Plain chocolate mousse and souffé, plain chocolate sauce, crispy almond and hazelnut pralines, cocoa powder, Venezuelan roasted mixture of chocolate chips, Cocoa butter, liquid butter, 75% almond paste, tender chocolate Napaje, “Surrogato” plain chocolate cocoa paste, neutral icing, coffee chocolate beans, plain chocolate small glasses and small shovels, white chocolate small glasses.

Preparation: semifreddo mousse (sort of Italian soft ice-cream) and ice-cream, panna cotta, English cream, Valhrona chocolate and vanilla crème brulée, egg flip, fruits “au gratin”.
Pastry ingredients and dried fruits: Bourbon Vanilla seeds, vanilla extract, concentrated coffee extract, liquid and powder liquorice extract, 100% black cassis extract, Canadian maple sugar, Bronte’s peeled pistachio seeds, flour and crushed biscuits and nuts (granella), Isomalto, Neutral and yellow pectin, stabilizing agents for sorberts and ice-creams.


Texturas is the new line of emulsifying, gelatinizing, and thickening agents and spherification’s products; it represents the contemporary cooking evolution created by Albert, Ferran Adrià, Restaurants El Bulli.

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