Our team of professionals will work side by side with you to meet your register and class requirements by a 24/7 supporting activity to surveyors’ visits. We are able to provide the following services:


  • general assistance during Class Surveys
  • general arrangements
  • checking of remote control quick closing valves, stopping devices, valves, ventilators
  • checking of main engine and auxiliary engines
  • crank web deflection of main engine and diesel generator
  • checking of main and auxiliary steering gear including their appliances and control system
  • Checking of the bilge system including remote control mechanism and bilge  filling level monitor
  • Checking and cleaning of the tank (gas free included)
  • checking of the main and emergency power supply system including the switch gear and other electrical installations
  • insulation resistance of generators and essential electrical motors, including cabling and switchboard
  • structural calculation according to Class rules


  • checking of fire main system
  • checking of portable fire extinguishers
  • checking of fire detection system
  • checking of emergency stop for ventilating fans, boiler, fuel transfer pump, purifiers
  • checking of fire closures
  • checking of fire man's outfit
  • safety plan drawing
  • fire plan drawing
  • checking of LSA equipment
  • full ISM assistance (ISM Manual, training on board, enforcing of ISM System)
  • full ISPS assistance (ISPS Manual, training on board, enforcing of ISPS System)
  • mini ISM assistance
  • training manual


  • tightness test of tank and pipes
  • calibration of anchor chains
  • anchor weight
  • thickness measurements
  • load and stability test
  • intact stability calculation and booklet
  • inclination tests


  • tank capacity plan
  • hull body plan
  • shell expansions
  • stability booklet and Hydrostatic data
  • draught marks drawing
  • navigation lights drawing
  • inspection measurement on board for transversal section and hull body
  • plan drawings inspection and measurements on board and drawing of tank capacity plan
  • minimum shell plate thickness calculation


  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan and emergency response activity
  • Garbage Management Plan as requested by Marpol Annex V
  • Ozone Depleting Substances record Book as requested by Marpol Annex VI

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