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The Shell lube oil custom depot located inside of Mansueto’s facilities in a separate protected room will satisfy all your requests on lube, hydraulic and gear oil. We are able to fill our customer’s orders in the same day even if the request is for more than 3000 litres. Just send us your request and thanks to the direct contact that we use to establish with our clients when you place an order with our sales department operators you are always able to know in real time what’s the stock availability, status of your order and delivery time frame.

Thanks to his company branch WeBunker, Mansueto professional team is well organized to assist you in providing a reliable international service for your refuelling necessities wherever your vessel is docked. A team composed of highly experienced people in the industry providing premium fuel and lubricants everywhere around the world through a well-established global network made with the major fuel producers and the most trusted lube oil companies. WeBunker brings remarkable value by providing services not available directly from the physical supply market. The online service offered by webunker.com and our team’s availability on a 24 by 7 basis allow captains and brokers to get the best price in the shortest time. Further with our innovative RCE (Route Calculator Engine) through webunker.com you will be able to estimate the quantity of fuel needed for your next route and get a specific price for it. WeBunker ensures a constant supply of contaminant-free top quality grade fuel, oil and lubricants. Clients will always deal to people with the highest qualifications constantly trained to meet the highest standard and any technical need. Our professionals will always provide MSDS and data-sheet for the products to be supplied in order to allow clients to check physical and thermodynamic characteristics of the products prior to the bunkering.

Any request of quote placed on webunker.com will be handled to satisfy the most demanding request in terms of quality, time and price. Please get in touch with us today at info@webunker.com to get your best price.

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