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Tradition and constant innovation which have been living together in Mansueto’s history for more than 40 years allow to safisfy customers’off-limits imagination and their oeno-gastronomical dreams. The current company situation comes from a natural evolution process of hard and detailed work, a successful blending which has guaranteed an excellent final result. Mansueto Group offers a wide range of wines scrupulously selected, from the most trusted labels to the less titled ones but still of a great value and taste. Beside an impressive collection of national wines we have been specialized since ever in the research and selection of wines from all countries of the world and in particular from France.In fact, thanks to the continuous interest in the innovation proposed by the modern wine-making experts of this region all people who loves good wine always finds satisfaction in tasting the local products.

In our big selection of finest drink you can also find from the most prestigious and rarest labels of Whisky, Cognac and Armagnac to the most persuasive and attractive Rum, Calvados and Porto without leaving all other top-quality Italian and foreign distillates. Our clients are always welcome to visit the big wine cellar located at Mansueto facilities in the 1600 square meters central warehouse. In this room they will be able to quietly taste and choose their favourite wine from our huge stock of 80.000+ bottles among which we can mention Cristal Champagne, Margaux, Latour, DRC, Sassicaia, Tignanello, Ornellaia all smartly and accurately arranged on fascinating wooden shelves.

Mansueto provision is specialized in the continuous research of high quality foodstuff and our team is always up-to-date to give you news and benefits on the culinary world. We propose a variety of eno-gastronomical solutions suitable both for the very common occasions and the most important ones.The scrupulous care in choosing provisions is one of the main features of the company; products are personally selected by Mansueto family members, a peculiarity that assures to the clients to always enjoy fresh foodstuff. The food preparation process is distributed into 4 main workrooms, each of them dedicated to a specific type of food: meat, fish, salami and cheeses, plus a separate area reserved to the general gastronomy.

Fish is cleaned, filleted and prepared according to the client’s demand, then it is vacuum packed and well-ranged either in plastic trays sealed with a proper appliance or frosted in the apposite flash frozen machine always respecting the international sanitary measures. The same sequence is used for meat. Thanks to this union between our food processing and top-quality goods, foodstuffs preserve their freshness and last longer. At the end of the process each packet will be provided with a label indicating the content type, ingredients and production/expiring date. At this point all goods are ready to be placed on standard pallets and loaded onto one of the refrigerated trucks that belongs to our big fleet of 10 vehicles.

The truck will depart from our headquarter to reach any harbour of the Mediterranean within a maximum time frame of 24 hours. Our transportation network is never restricted to the most common localities but we also deliver to Greece and Greek Islands, North Europe, Balearic Islands, Bremen and Kiel, destinations where we have regularly been in the last 10 years.

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