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If the best solution at the most competitive price for your Galley and Interior needs is what you are trying to find, the Galley and Interior Departments at Mansueto are definitely your best point of contact. Clients can always rely on our expertise to ensure their next build or refit is supplied with the proper equipment. Mansueto has worked alongside scores of Naval Architects, Project Managers, Engineers and many of the top International starred Chefs (Enrico Bartolini, Maurilio Garola, Carlo Cracco, Enrico Crippa, etc.) and know exactly what systems function best on board a superyacht galley. We are more than capable to help design and then supply the machines essential for chore.

Also, whether you are looking for the world’s most luxurious linens, finest crystal, guest amenities, specialized cleaning products – or just the most common off the shelf items – Mansueto ensures that your items are delivered as requested, within the required deadline to any place worldwide. At Mansueto we boast a purchasing power unequaled in the yachting industry and this allow us in providing clients with savings that will exceed their expectations. With 40+ years of experience in the yachting industry, we can relate to client’s every need and we can accommodate any specialized request. Put us to the test to assess the difference: inquire now.

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