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Mansueto Rental

Mansueto Rental provides a large selection of quality vehicles for your crew and guest car rental needs from midsize and full-size car models to convertibles, SUVs and 7/9 seats minivans as well as specialty cars, trucks and van rental. When clients place a request with us they rent a lot more than a vehicle, they rent a top quality service. In fact Mansueto Rental offers you the possibility to have armed private drivers or body guards on cars if VIP guests or yacht owners want to travel in the safest way and relax during their business or leisure trip. Furthermore during your journey our operators are constantly available to give you important information on restaurants, hotels, flights and also traffic info or advises on the best route to follow. So please get in contact with us to check availability and cost of your vehicle or equipment: we will find the best solution on your purpose and the most competitive price you’ve ever had. With Mansueto reserving a car couldn’t be any more convenient.

Jetski and Tender

Mansueto Rental is not just cars and vans. We can assist you on charter if guests like to have an extra wave-runner or during a trip with the owner if your craft has got damages or electronic problems. Our big rental fleet of boats and jet-skis is always upgraded with the last year models and ensures availability at even peak times of the season. We dispose of a wide range of wave-runners, tenders, jet-boats, laser-boats, hobie-cats and kajaks of the most trusted brands like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Sea-Bob, Zodiac, Sevylor, etc. and we are professionally equipped and organized for delivering in 24 hours your rental jet-ski or boat to any location of the Mediterranean included all the islands (Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Balearic Islands, Malta, etc.)

Jet and Helicopter

Traveling by a private jet has many benefits, foremost among which is the fact that you are the masters of your time. Unlike commercial flights, the time schedule is determined by you, so the time you depart and the time of arrival is the precise time you have to reach your destination. No more will you have to get up early and wait hours till your meeting begins because after contacting your representative at Mansueto Rental and coordinating your time schedule, the plane will be waiting for you. As you are flying by a private jet, you will be spared the long wait in line for the security check. This will be done in a special terminal, so it would not take more than a few minutes before you are inside the plane, strapped in and ready to set off on an enjoyable flight. As you are flying, you will be served your favorite food and drinks (while booking the flight our representative will ask you what you prefer to eat and drink). You can spend your time by reclining in the luxurious seats, reading, watching a movie, or if you prefer, by sleeping. You are the masters of the plane and unlike in commercial flights, there is no fixed schedule – you can eat and drink, watch a movie or get some shut-eye whenever you choose. Accordingly, we offer you unlimited routes and destinations, which all depend on one thing – your true needs. All we need from you are details on-when, how many people, from where and where to.

Leave the rest to us. All the arrangements, the preparation and coordination will be carried out by our professional team. All you have to do is get to the airport, board the private plane that you rented and enjoy your flight. Mansueto Rental offers you also the best helicopter flights service. All you have to do is inform us of the precise time and place of your meeting and we’ll see to it that a helicopter flown by experienced pilots will pick you up from your yacht, home or any other location that you choose (safety and the operational capabilities of the helicopter permitting). Since helicopters don’t need an airport to take off, you would not have to go through the security check, nor will you have to wait at the ticket counter. In fact, you would not have to wait at all since the helicopter will pick you up at your convenience. Leave your yacht and approach the helicopter where you’ll be welcome by a smiling crew, who will help you get inside and help you get strapped.

Other Rentals

Mansueto Rental will never leave you without your favourite vehicle and for your local activities scooter and bicycles are always available for a inland excursion or a relaxing tour along the new beautiful cycle path of the Riviera coast.

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