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Yachtsmen: Mansueto has set a new chain of shops

The CMS is a ship chandler tailored for super yachts only where you can find all the necessary equipment for bridge, deck, engine departments and not only. Every CMS is based in the most important port of Italy and the Mediterranean. The presence of a CMS inside of the port allows captains, engineers and first mates to walk in and always find on the shelves the right stuff needed. CMS also has a central on-line shop where you can buy your stuff and have it delivered by the closes CMS to your port of call. For more info please see www.captainmarine.it. Within max 24/48 hours the goods purchased will be delivered wherever you are around the Mediterranean. No more need to go look for a ship chandler and come back on board without the item you were after. Just see where your CMS is and go find what you need when you need it! Captain Marine Store, it was only to be expected

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