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When you talk about yachting everybody’s attention is targeted to engineering, deck, provisioning and technical matters in general. This is ok but the world is not all about men. Several items like flowers, perfumes, decorations and many other special arrangements for charters and parties on board are frequently neglected.

Especially we know that some very important personal things for crew like body care, hairdresser, personal trainer and many other more are very often disregarded due to the short time available between one engagement and the other. This is not good neither for the health nor for the wellbeing.

Also we cannot act as if we don’t know that Stewardess’s needs most of the times look easy and then they end up to be more difficult to be met than any other, have you ever guessed why? Because she takes care of a certain side of the business which requires high scrupulosity, extreme accuracy and boundless attention. Thanks to his team of careful and skilled ladies Mansueto Group is glad to introduce a new way to attend his clients. This new idea is called Pink Service and it’s about services exclusively dedicated to the woman’s side of luxury yacht industry.

Our ladies have been trained to provide the best support before and during the charter by arranging any kind of tailored service to meet not only your requirements but also your tastes. We’re not intended to propose some sort of services to suit all tastes, we want to realize what you exactly need and do it in pink! And if you have any particular request of supplies for interiors (dinner services, table linens, special furnishing, upholstery or cushions, galley equipments and appliances, bedlinens, bedclothes or towels, etc.) we will be able to assist you by proposing the best solution for your liking without spending a fortune.

Nevertheless we will take care of all crew’s personal needs by scheduling your appointments even with short notice. Doctors, beauticians, events or places like special restaurants and hotels as well as any other woman’s club can be easily arranged thanks to the versatility and accurate organization of our Pink Service. It’s important for us to be at your disposal in the right way.

There’s a pink way to be professional, just take off some blue and make things on your service chart turn pink.

Dedicated to all women by Mansueto Group.

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